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Berry Lin 吉澤明步 (草莓) from Taipei, Taiwan

    Name: Berry Lin 吉澤明步 (草莓)
    Date of Birth: Nov 8, 1993
    Wretch: (Closed)
    About: Berry Lin 吉澤明步 or also known as "Strawberry" (草莓) is an Internet celebrity from Taipei, Taiwan who graduated from Nanhua High School 南華高中 in 2011. In Oct 12, 2012, Berry Lin caused an uproar with enormous wave of heated discussions over the Internet after uploading a photo of her going out with FBI 帥哥 ("Handsome"). This photo went viral overnight in the Internet.

    Deng Jiahua 鄧佳華 or better known as FBI 帥哥 is also an Internet sensation who enjoys cam-whoring and taking videos of himself. With his outlook and styles, some of the Netizens find it unintentionally hilarious while others find it suffering to watch.

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