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Meas Soksophea - Top Khmer Singer

About Meas Soksophea (មាស សុខសោភា):
Meas Sok Sophea “មាស សុខសោភា” was born in February 28, 1984 in Phnom Penh. Meas Soksophea has Height: 1.61m; Weight: 48kg; and 3 Sizes: 34–26–30. Now Meas Soksophea is a popular singer star at Town production.

Popular songs of Meas Soksophea are: បងកុំទៅណា (Bong Kom Tov Na); ក្រែងចិត្តសង្សារចាស់ (Kreng Chet Song Sa Jas); សុំទោសដែលអូនអស់ចិត្ត (Soum Tous Del Oun Ors Chet); and other popular songs in Town.
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Tim Ratha - Khmer model and actress - Part2

Tim Ratha - Khmer model and actress - Part1

Tem Ratha (ទឹម រដ្ឋា) - Khmer model and actress, say that a lot of men love her. Khmer model and actress, Tem Ratha (ទឹម រដ្ឋា), told Kohsantepheap newspapers that a lot of men love her and promise her money, car and flat as well but so far she does not make decision who he is and her heart is still free. And she rejected the rumor that she has her own boyfriend and that she would become businesswoman soon in near future. She said that her heart is free and open to everyone who wants to be her own heart and she will love too.

At the present, she is working as TV presenter with Asia Southeast Television after her career is successful.

In an interview with Kohsatepheap, she said that a lot of men really ask for her love and some dare to promise her money, modern luxury car and house. In addition, they dare to spend money to open shop for her as well if she agrees to marry. Until now, she has yet to decide to agree with someone and she guarantees that she is really free without be involving with anyone.

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Dee Hsu - Very Cute Chinese Model

Dee Hsu, more commonly known as Xiǎo S or Little S, was born on 14 June 1978. She is a Taiwanese actress, singer and host.
Born: June 14, 1978 (age 34), Taiwan
Siblings: Barbie Hsu
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Barbie Hsu - Very Cute Chinese Model

Barbie Hsu also known as Dà S Chinese: 徐熙媛; pinyin: Xú Xīyuán; Wade–Giles: Hsü Hsi-yüan was born on 6 October 1976. She is a Taiwanese actress and singer.
Born: October 6, 1976 (age 36), Taipei
Height: 1.63 m
Spouse: Wang Xiaofei (m. 2010)
Siblings: Xidi Hsu
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Vang Sreyno (វ៉ាង ស្រីណូ) - Top Khmer Sexy star

You really knew well sexy singer and actress, Vang Sreyno, right? When she was on stage making TV watchers more interesting in her sexy clothes. Presently, she is not in public and singing at local Television channels over the weekend.
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Kate Moss for i-D Magazine Pre-Spring 2013

Keo Nisa (កែវ នីសា) with youth’s style

Not only the elegant short dress, but also the most simple short dress that young people like wearing in all circumstance with their high heels.
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Xin Yuan Zhang - Top Cute of China lady

Name: Zhang Xin Yuan 张辛苑 | Nationality: Chinese | Place of birth: Wuhan, Hubei, China | Date of Birth: December 5, 1990 | Occupation: Model, actress | Graduated: China Central Academy of Drama | Blood Type: O | Star sign: Sagittarius | Language: Chinese, English | Height: 170 CM | Weight: 47KG | Favorite animals: cats | Favorite writer: Haruki Murakami.
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Katia Ivanova (Катя Иванова) - Page 3 Girl 14th January 2013

Born: Kazakhstan
Nationality: Kazakhstani
Measurements: 32D-22-33
Bra/cup size: 32D (70D)
Boobs: Natural
Body type: Slim
Eye color: Brown
Hair: Blonde

Frizzi Arnold by Max Seam for Miss Tuning Calendar 2013

One of the most anticipated annual events in the automotive world is the crowning of Miss Tuning Bodensee. But the level of excitement surrounding the selection of Miss Tuning is arguably put into the shade by the excitement surrounding her subsequent photo shoot for the following year’s Miss Tuning calendar. The German organizers behind the calendar, pageant and car show always pull out all the stops when it comes to getting the best photographer, the best cars, and generally making that year’s Tuning World ambassador look even lovelier than they already do.Of course, when the ambassador in question is Frizzi Arnold, a raven-haired 22-year-old from the city of Chemnitz (which was called Karl-Marx-Stadt when it was part of the then East Germany), there’s only so much room for improvement. Ms. Arnold succeeds last year’s calendar girl, Mandy Lange, and Frizzi (along with photographer Max Seam and other behind-the-lens people) traveled to Helsinki, the capital of Finland, to shoot at various locations throughout the city, with a variety of vehicles ranging from hot rods to a wildly decorated big rig. Like previous years, the calendar consists of 13 pages with tuned cars, muscle cars, hot rods, and even a big ass semi-truck; of course Frizzi is posing next to these vehicles in some skimpy outfits.

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